Stroll and Behold: Contemporary Ink Art by Four Hong Kong Painters

Cheer Bell Gallery is pleased to announce the presentation of an exhibition of ink art by four leading Hong Kong artists.

The exhibition is titled: Stroll and Behold: Contemporary Ink Art by Four Hong Kong Painters, with implied meaning of “artistic stroll and the sighting shadow of purity” by extraction of four characters from each of the participating artists: Eddie LUI, LAM Tian Xing, WONG Sau Ching, and Winnie MAK.  

The exhibition will open with a cocktail party on Saturday, 14 November (1-5 pm) to launch the 30 significant pieces of ink art on visionary landscapes by the four renowned painters in an exhibition space of 5,000 square feet. The artworks having been selected by the painters themselves, and some of them are presented for display to the local viewers for the first time. 

天山意境 Image of Tian Shan 91.5(h)x183(w) cm

“Seeing Eddie Lui's grand canvas, one will be attracted by some lotus-inspired images and the tranquillity of the heavenly mountains along the Silk Road.” Eddie Lui’s works feature exquisite brushstrokes and non-realistic rendering style. One of his painting of mixed media creation, is of withered lotus pod in collage presentation of rare rubbing from inscriptions on stone tablets and carving fragments; and the other, the Tian Shan that he depicts are full of ingenious touches and countless dots, bringing sensational visual experience to the viewers.

 寺院景象-Monastery Scene-120 x 116 cm-2008 (2)

“Sacred is the red that fills Tibet. Together with the monks reaches the golden end.” Lam Tian Xing’s vehement paintings well depicts the solemnity and purity of Tibet under rich and layering of ink. You can share the painter’s passion and his attachment to the holiness of Tibet from his work.

 王守清-山風(一) Breeze from Mountain(1) 62H x 121W 2014

“The greenery and nudeness of rolling mountains remain in vagueness from distance.”  Wong Sau Ching’s impressionistic mountain and landscape merges itself in both Chinese and Western style of expression. Appreciating his works is just like an illusive journey via the imaginary colours to reach heavenly emptiness.

 坦陀羅花圃 Tantric Garden 50h x 50w cm 2015

“The implication behind the brushstrokes inspires your imagination. Neatness in the painting touches the deepest part of your heart.“  Winnie Mak makes the best out of contour lines.  She skillfully creates minimalistic pictures by linking up lines with hidden principle, resulting in a nice balance between blank and fulfillment.

“The impact of Winnie Mak's ink lines start up the viewers' imagination.” The complex, yet minimalistic rendition on paper touches the deepest part of one's heart. She makes the best out of ink, brush and paper skillfully to recreate pictures of the plant kingdom by linking up lines in rhythmic composition, resulting in a perfect balance of the negative and positive spatial treatments in her picture planes.

Cheer Bell Gallery is proud to present this exhibition following the four painters’ successful debut at the Modern Chinese Culture (HOP) Invitational Exhibition in the St. Petersburg State University last month. It must be mentioned that it aroused public interests towards the renewal of Chinese Ink Art, and the exhibition and related lecture and workshops conducted by artists from Hong Kong had been were well attended by the university community in St. Petersburg.


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