Northern Splendours


Exhibition Period: 16 February (Sat) – 15 March (Fri) 2019

Participating artists:

Sun Yun Tai, Dmitry Vasilevich Dergunov, Aleksey Sokolov, Yulia Shautsukova


Cheer Bell Gallery is proud to announce the grand opening of the exhibition, “Northern Splendours – Chinese and Russian Landscapes in Four Seasons”.


Russian oil paintings are treasures which pose a profound impact on several generations of outstanding Chinese artists. This exhibition selects the appealing paintings of the first generation of Chinese artist who studied in Russia, Sun Yun Tai and exquisite artworks from the Russian Academy, showing the inheriting characteristics of Chinese and Russian art. The exhibition is going to show the natural scenery of the four seasons of northern China and Russia, from snowy scenes in winter, golden autumn to rejuvenating spring and summer.


Sun Yun Tai (1913-2005), renowned artist from Hei Long Jiang Province, China, enjoyed a high reputation in China, Russia and Japan. His artworks were collected by Residence Diaoyutai Hotel in Beijing. He was also commissioned by the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to paint for the country. He learnt painting from Japanese artist Koga and received training at Russian aristocratic studio founded by M.M. Knoff. Nearly 200 of his paintings are exhibited in Harbin Pharmaceutical Contemporary Art Museum in Harbin province of China in the long term.


Dmitry Vasilevich Dergunov, born in 1961 and professor of Faculty of Fine Arts, Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture in Russia, was one of the most influential artists in Russia and Europe. Dmitry was awarded a Gold Medal by the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs of USSR for his graduation artwork in 1987. He has participated in numerous Russian and foreign exhibitions. His artworks are kept by private collectors and state institutions of Russia, USA, England, Germany, France, Japan and Lithuania.


Aleksey Sokolov, born in 1981 in St. Petersburg in a family of hereditary artists, teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Ilya Repin St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture in Russia. He was a member of the Union of Artists. The significant landscapes in his paintings refer to the unique beauty of nature of Pushkinogorye with which the author associated the most vivid impressions of his childhood. He also participated in exhibitions at Russian Academy of Fine Arts, National Congress Palace in Strelna, Russia, Residence Diaoyutai Hotel in Beijing, China, etc.


Yulia Shautsukova, born in 1977, is a Russian contemporary artist. She graduated from Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Moscow, Crimean University of Art and Art School in Nalchik, Russia with Honours. Her inspiration is taken from organic forms in nature. She has transferred traditional Russian oil painting techniques to modern art. Her interpretation of light, shadows and colours of the nature is unique and fantastic.


The landscapes of China and Russia in four seasons and the inheriting characteristics of Chinese and Russian oil paintings could be seen from these artworks.