Exhibitions - “Sense of Illusion” Flambé Glaze Ceramic Art & Painting Exhibition


15th August, 2015- 31st October, 2015


Mondays to Saturdays 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Sundays and Public Holidays by appointments only


Cheer Bell Gallery, Room 3E-08, 3rd  floor, Phase 2, Superluck Industrial Centre,


57 Sha Tsui Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong                       

Artists Participants

Chendi,   Zhu Di,   Kuang Jun Min,   Zeng Jing


“Sense of Illusion" Ceramic Art & Painting Exhibition  features four active artists in China and international art market, Chendi, Zhu Di, Kuang Jun Min and Zeng Jing. Their distinctive works  demonstrate the illusory enchantment of Flambé Glaze in this exhibition.A new level of ceramic arts is explored by combining purity and vividness harmonically in Flambé Glaze.

This exhibition directly brings audience’s attention to the value of ceramics arts. Flambé Glaze is especially hard to reach a satisfying result as only once high temperature firing is allowed for each work. The mineral glaze naturally flows and colors during firing, adding unpredictability to the delicate ceramic works. Such practices of Flambé Glaze recall the historic ceramic art’s vitality, and return its foundational artistic value to ceramics arts.

Artists Participants


Chendi (alias Tie Huang) was born in Shandong province in 1973. The ethos of

realismand    provocative    themes    in    Chendi’s    early    paintings   has

matured,  yet   extended  in  his  ceramics   art  of   today with an overlay of

the rebellious texture and striking colors characteristic of Flambé Glaze.

Zhu Di

Zhu Di was born in Anhui province in 1969.  His works cross-fertilized western

aesthetics  with Chinese ceramic traditions. Zhu  Di has chosen Flambé Glaze

as his ceramic mediumfor the barely-constrained bursts of colours,  forms and

textures lends spontaneity to his abstract renderings  of  seasonal landscapes

and topography.

Kuang Jun Min

Kuang Jun Min was  born in Hunan province in 1980.  With his background in

oil  paint,  Kuang  Jun  Min’s  work  invokes  an  essentially  western  artistic

expression in a medium that  is  historically Chinese.  His  ceramic  art  often  

incorporates an element  with  an  explosive  colour  palate  within  a wholly

cohesive composition.

Zeng Jing

Zeng  Jing was born in  Hunan  province in  1982.  Jing’s  artistic expression

on ceramics  often  finds  inspiration  in  Mother  Nature  that  is  unfolding

around her.  Each of her ceramic paintings is a  momentary capture of  their

unfolding story in full emotional and kinetic dynamism.