Clubbing with Dogs! - Cheer Bell 3rd Anniversary Exhibition

This exhibition will feature 13 artists coming from local, Russia and Hunan, including Lam Wu Fui, Liu Cheng Mui, Ada Ho, Anny Tam, Carol Kwok, Clara Hung, David Fung, Erica Sze, Kuang Jun Min, Liu Jia, Oleg Mikhailov, Owen Wong and Stephanie Sin.

Welcome to the Year of the Dog! To celebrate the third anniversary of Cheer Bell Gallery and thank various members of the public for their support all along, we are going to hold an exhibition on the theme of our best and sagacious friends – doggies! Through artists’ different ways of expression in the exhibition assembling Eastern and Western artworks, the public can not only deliberate in different perspectives and observe various vivid forms of dogs, but they can also feel the special sentimental linkage between dogs and human. Dogs appearing in sceneries, portraits and abstract artworks in the exhibition will surprise the audience for sure!


Special exhibited work 
This time we will particularly show the artwork by the international wonder child Aelita Andre- ‘Gromit and the magic feathers with the rainbow Pom-Poms’. The abstractionist of genius will show up and celebrate this joyful day with all comers! 

This is truly a rare exhibition of doggies with fusion of Eastern and Western styles, especially suitable for both Chinese and foreigners, and for both old and young, to spend a joyful and relaxing weekend together. Don’t miss the chance!