Journey through the Mountain Ridges, Gallery Collection Exhibition

Cheer Bell Gallery is honoured to present renowned Hong Kong ink colour artist Lam Tian Xing’s Tibet series and Christina Tung’s landscapes paintings.


Lam Tian Xing, Chairman of Hong Kong Artists Association, made three visits to Tibet from 1999 to 2005 to contemplate the power of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and created more than 300 pieces of artworks. During his last visit, he absorbed in the touching and beautiful scenery, he was totally oblivious of the warning signal from his body. Having come home, he suffered from the sequela of acute mountain sickness and turned to take him three years to recover completely. With the ink accumulation technique and colorful artistic language, he depicted Tibetan people’s lives and fully expressed the unsophisticated and innocent ethnic minority's reverence and passion for nature. Moreover, he portrayed Tibetan Buddhists’ devout attitude to the holy mountains and sacred lands which disseminate the awesome beauty of Tibet to the audiences. His paintings possessed elements of Impressionism and sublime symbolic meaning.


Christina Tung, member of Hong Kong Artists Association, learnt painting from Lam Tian Xing since 2011, she keep absorbing art theories of the East and West and studied Tradition to Contemporary art history intensively. Not only does she master the use of ink but also imbibes the techniques of western paintings. She pays a lot of efforts on sketching from nature and strives for her innovative creation at the basis of inheriting the tradition. Since 2018, she started learning art from the Father of Modern Ink Paintings, Liu Kuo Sung and first class national artist, Shi Mo in “Chinese Ink Class for Top Talents” in Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts to enhance her conceptual and technical art skills in Chinese art. This exhibition showcases her stunning landscapes paintings in which “Noble Aspiration” has been collected by Consulate General of Russian Federation in Hong Kong.


Welcome to Cheer Bell Gallery to appreciate the journey of the artists!


Exhibition: 25th July - 29th August 2019

Venue: Cheer Bell Gallery, Room 1602, Global Trade Square, 19-21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong.

Opening Hours: Mon - Sat 11:00 - 19:00