Cheer Bell Gallery X Hong Kong Art - Chan Shing Kau Solo Exhibition

Chan Shing Kau Solo Exhibition by Cheer Bell Gallery & Hong Kong Art

Exhibition Period: 25 Nov to 5 Dec 2020

Venue: Hong Kong Art, 3/F Kuo Wah Building, 342 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Chan Shing Kau Artist Bio
As the Chairman of Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society, Chan has always sought to push the envelope of traditional Chinese ink technique. By utilizing the ink flowing nature and incorporating creatively in his artworks the Chinese calligraphy theories and rhythm of lines, Chan’s original “rubbing and wrinkling” technique creates artworks that build up a majestically solid ambience. His works are notable for capturing “tension of white lines” and a unique and moving sentiment for the stupendous mother earth and hilly mountains. 

Chan has achieved a lot throughout his career as an artist and a teacher. He was selected in “The Big Dictionary of the World Excellent Talents”, “The Famous Figures of the Contemporary Art Circles in China” and “The Dictionary of the Achievements of World Chinese Artists”. Museums from the U.S., Japan, Korea, Shenzhen, Taiwan, Nanjing, Hubei, Shandong and many more have made Chan's artworks part of their collection. Indeed, Chan’s artistic characteristics and accomplishments are a testament to his status as an eminent modern ink figure.