Igor Baranov

Igor Baranov was born in 1983, Saint Petersburg (Russia) .In 1995 he entered the art school under St. Petersburg Fine Arts Academy. In 2001 he was enrolled in the Graphic Department of St. Petersburg Fine Arts Academy(Repin Institute). In 2007 he graduated from the Academy with a "Red Diploma" and a Gold Medal of "250th Anniversary of Russian Academy of Fine Arts" in a diploma project called "Kalevala". In 2008-2009, he joined an "Artist in Residence" programme in art centre "Salmela" in Finland. In 2010 he took part in a gala auction named "Contemporary Russian Art" organized by the State Russian Museum and Christie's auction house. 


Since 2009 he taught art in courses in "Repin Institute in Kymenlaakso" in Kotka, Finland. In 2014 he also participated in an international project called "Kalevala by Russian Artists" which was supported by Kalevalaseura, Finland. Moreover, he also contributed to the creation of limited edition of an artist's book about ancient Chinese treatise "36 Stratagems". One of these books was stored in the State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg in the following year. 

Champions in Art Competitions
2005 -  Christmas festival "Nutcracker" 2005, St. Petersburg
2006 - "Easter festival" 2006, St. Petersburg
2007 - "III International Festival of Graphic Art" St. Petersburg
2008 - "Classic Print 2008", Graphic House, Moscow 

 2003 - "Three artists exhibition",Italian Hall of St. Petersburg Fine Arts Academy, St. Petersburg
 2005 - "Christmas Festival" Exhibition Hall of Theatre of Opera and Ballet, St. Petersburg
 2005 - "5x7" , Cultural centre, Imatra, Finland
 2006 - "Easter Festival" Exhibition Hall of Theatre of Opera and Ballet, St. Petersburg
 2007 - "Horses in Art", Italian Hall of St. Petersburg Fine Arts Academy, St. Petersburg
 2007 - "III International Graphic Art Festival" Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg Artists Union
 2007 - "250 Anniversary Russian Academy of Fine Arts "Central Exhibition Hall "MANEZH", Moscow
 2007 - "Autumn Exhibition" Exhibition Hall of St. Petersburg Artists Union
 2008 - " Omnes et singules" MART gallery, St. Petersburg
 2008 - "Kalevala. Etnomechanics" DiDi Gallary, St. Petersburg
 2008 -  Art Centre "SALMELA 2008", Mantyharju, Finland
 2008 - "Classic Print 2008" Graphic House, Moscow
 2009 - "Kourallinen tuhkaa" Ant Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
 2009 - Art Centre "SALMELA 2009", Mantyharju, Finland
 2009 - Gallery "Putka" Savonlinna, Finland
 2010 - "Totems", Ant Gallery, Helsinki, Finland
 2010 - Art Cafe Babylon, Kirkonummi, Finland
 2010 - Gallery "Putka" Savonlinna, Finland
 2010 - Gallery Kadieff, Helsinki
 2010 - HEAF, Wanha Satama, Helsinki
 2011 - Hovikartano Taidekeskus, Finland
 2011 - Koskiston Taidekeskus, Finland
 2011 - Lepporanan Taidekeskus, Finland
 2011 - Regina Gallery, Тurku, Finland
 2011 - Gallery "KvadraT", St. Petersburg, Russia
 2012 - Art Café Babylon, Kirkkonummi, Finland
 2012 - "DRB", Russian-German Culture Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia
 2012 - "Juminkekko", Kalevala Museum, Kuhmo, Finland.
 2012 - Classic Print 2012" Graphic House, Moscow
 2013 - St. Petersburg Erotic Museum" MusEros"
 2014 - Museum of City Sculpture, St. Petersburg, Russia
 2014 - National theatre of Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Russia
 2014 - Art Hall Hermitage, Viborg, Russia
 2014 - Gallery Uusikuva, Kotka, Finland
 2014 - Art Centre Taidetupa PikkuSelma, Kouvola, Finland
 2014 - Art Hall Hermitage, Viborg, Russia
 2015 - "Juminkekko", Kalevala Museum, Kuhmo, Finland
 2015 - Art Centre "Stoa", Helsinki, Finland
 2015 - State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala, Minsk, Belarus
 2015 - Art Gallery of G.H. Vashchenko, Gomel, Belarus
 2016 - "SzentPeter Gallery", Qingdao, China.
 2016 - "Näkökulma", Kotka Merikeskus Vellamo, Finland
 2016 - "Näkökulma", Helsingin Tuomiokirkon Krypta, Helsinki, Finland
 2016 - Taide Tupa Pukku Selma, Kuusankoski, Finland
 2016 - "Reincarnation of the Past", Beijing, China
 2016 - "Fangzhi International Prints Exhibition", Taiyuan, China
 2016 - Lugiazui Financial City Exlibris Museum, Shanghai, China
 2016 - "The thirty-six Stratagems", State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
 2017 - "Heart of Graphics " Cultural Centre in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China

Works kept in Prints Collection of
State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
National Library of Russia, St. Petersburg
Museum of Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia
National museum of Fine Arts, Republic Karelia, Petrozavodsk, Russia
Hermitage Viborg Art Hall Collection, Russia
Pushkin Museum, St. Petersburg
Graphic House, Moscow, Russia
Art Centre Salmela, Finland
MuzEros, Museum of Erotic art, St. Petersburg, Russia

Private collections
Russia, Finland, Ukraine, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, USA, Netherlands, South Korea, Portugal, China and Japan.