Anthony P Yim, MD

Compared to most artists, Dr Anthony P Yim came from a very unusual background. He studied medicine and graduated with double first class honours from Cambridge University in 1981 followed by clinical education at Oxford University, and residency training in the States. He returned to join The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1992, and pioneered the development of Minimally lnvasive Thoracic Surgery which earned him an international reputation as a top surgeon-scientist and teacher. This keyhole approach set a new standard for chest surgery, and has since benefited hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. He was the recipient of many Visiting Professorships, named Lecturerships around the world, as well as editorial board memberships of some of the most premier medical journals in his field. He was awarded Doctor of Medicine by the University of Oxford in 1999, and named a Chair Professor of Surgery at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002. He formally retired from surgery in 2017 to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an artist.

After starting his new life as an artist, he amazed his peers by his artistic accomplishments in merely two years. These include a book, three solo exhibitions, and two major commissioned pieces. Dr Yim’s interest is focused on exploring innovative materials as media of creation, as well as experimenting with different pigments in a scientific manner he was trained up to do. His work epitomises a subtle combination of art creation and science, presenting unique artistic effects with different creative methods. His style has moved naturally: from realism to abstract. Artistic creation has now become an important channel for him to express his thoughts and feelings.


2020 “Let's bond again”Joint Exhibition, Cheer Bell Gallery, Hong Kong
2020 France-Chine Art-Expo, Online Exhibition

Oct 2019 -
Jan 2020


“Perception”, New Concept in Contemporary Ink Art by Brenda Hong and Anthony Yim, Cheer Bell Gallery, Hong Kong

2019 “My Second Career”, Solo Art Exhibition, Tsi Ku Chai, Hong Kong
2019 Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong Club, Hong Kong
2019 Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong
2018 Solo Exhibition, Camlux Hotel, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong


Oct 2020 

Yim AP. Work by Anthony P. Yim, MD—A Surgeon-turned-Artist. Cardiovasc Diagn Ther 2020;10(5):1768-1769. doi: 10.21037/cdt-20-721

Dec 2018 

From a Scalpel to a Paint Brush. Cutting Edge


My Second Career: A Collection of Artwork by Dr Anthony P Yim


Commissioned Works
2020 “Bless This House”, Ink House, Central, Hong Kong
2017 “Guiding Light”, Beacon Hotel, Mongkok, Hong Kong