Dec_Cheer Bell spread love with rice to single-living elderly in Kwun Tong


Prior to approaching new year 2016, Cheer Bell Gallery did not stop the rice donation for charity in the last minute.  

500 packages of rice were donated and distributed to the single elderly in Kwun Tong with the help of around 60 volunteer workers on Sunday, 27th Dec, 2015.

We would like to dedicate a special thank you note to the Synergy Community Service Centre being the organizers and all the donars including Mr James Choi, Paul Lam and Hugh Wong together with the big brands that provided free Lucky Bags, instant noodles, cereals, scarfs, bottles and ointment etc.  Cheer Bell sincerely express our gratitude to all the above parties who participated in the event, without their help, our event will not be so successful.  We wish to do it more in the coming years.

Below are the photos of the activity to commemorate the event.

Volunteers worked hard to pack the packages

The package included food, cloth and medicine, hoping the elderly can enjoy a warm winter

The packed rice are set on table to be distributed

500 packages waiting to be delivered

The delivery was very smooth with the help of volunteers

The elderly are satisfies with the packages.

Cheer Bell Gallery arranged a few volunteers to help in the event

Donars taking grouop photo with vounteers