"While It Goes By" Stephanie Sin | Fan Yan (Exhibition Extended to Wed 4th April 2018)

Cheer Bell Gallery is pleased to announce While It Goes By – a two-person exhibition bringing together the works of Stephanie Sin and Fan Yan. 


While It Goes By has a metaphorical meaning to our encounter with a piece of work. In the exhibition, both artists adopt painting as a device to create pausing moments for viewers, offering them an excursion to revisit physical places, memories, as well as pulses and notes within a piece of music slowly and quietly.


Perception can be muddled by visual experience, happenings in the city, past experience, age, memories and sound. Freeing up from nowadays hyper-realistic society, Stephanie Sin’s exaggerated colour palettes and distorted landscapes are surreal yet suggestive. Her works create an interesting paradox of the reality and illusionary spaces. The seemingly ‘artificial’ colours in her works offer viewers an ambiguous atmosphere and void although the subject matter is explicit in comparison.

‘It is the physical space that I am interested in, it always provokes one’s inner feelings about the very idea of reality.’ - Stephanie Sin

In a different way Fan Yan, coming from a musical background being a classically trained violinist and viola player; composes her works in a fairly abstract way to allow viewers a completely free interpretation. She reconciles her visual sense with her musical mind by transforming her inner rhythms, melodies and harmonies into beautiful lines, shapes and colours. This can be seen especially in her Music Series in particular.

‘I can link my works with classical music such as the Masters Bach and Schubert.’  - Fan Yan

Both Sin and Fan are drawn to convey the essence of the pausing moments; the joint display of the two artists will offer two parallel painterly axes, with different levels of saturation and perspectives. 

Artists biography

*Stephanie Sin received her BA (Fine Art) from RMIT University in 2008 and her MVA (Studio Arts) from HKBU in 2013. As a painter, exploring on contemporary aesthetics stereotypes, paints from images that were found on the Internet and which have subsequently been altered using computer applications. Influence from voids in living environments draws from fragmentations of individuals to collective routines and insinuates the paradox of life in her works. In 2009, Stephanie founded Rental United with two artists and serve as a cluster for collaborative experimentations, which focuses on happenings and performances. Awarded Impression . Eileen Chang . Inaugural Painting Jury Award in 2010. Participated in the Artist in Residence at the London Royal Academy of Arts in 2014. Private collections from over United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Now, she is a part-time lecturer at SCE and AVA in Hong Kong Baptist University. And currently collaborating with various public art projects in Hong Kong, such as the MTR Art in Architecture Project.


* Fan Yan was born in Beijing into an artistic and musical family. From a young age, she was drawn to painting even though her first career was that of a classically trained violinist and viola player. In 1987, she came to Hong Kong to study at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts; upon graduation she played professionally with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. After a successful musical career spanning 20 years from 1991 to 2011, Fan Yan came to realise that she had to pursue her first love, that of painting. She developed her technical skill and personal unique style with Chinese Ink, watercolour and rice paper under the tutelage of renowned local artists such as Lam Tian Xing, Cecilia Ho, Ng Chung and Pak Yeung. Fan also experiments with oil pastel, and finds inspiration in the works of Western artists such as Henri Matisse, César, Paul Klee and Marlene Dumas. She sees her art from the harmony and essence origins from music. In a few years of time she already developed her unique style of her own artistic world.