Zhang Xiaoli

Zhang Xiaoli was born in 1989 in Guizhou, China. She received the Ms Chu Lam Yiu Scholarship and moved to Hong Kong in 2008 to pursue higher education at Chinese University of Hong Kong, where she received her BA with first honours in Fine Arts and Biology in 2014. During the graduation show, she received Y.S Hui Fine Arts Award and Wucius Wong Creative Ink Painting Award. She is now pursuing graduate study at Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Zhang’s works replace elements in Chinese landscape painting – trees, mountains, rocks and figures – with depictions of Lego bricks, as a contemporary way to create dialogues with traditions. In the “Boxed Landscape” series, she uses this language to paint surreal scenes of landscape in daily objects, as a depiction of memories and experiences.



1989         Born in Guizhou, China

2008         Move to Hong Kong and studied at Chinese University of Hong Kong

2010         Exchange student at University of California at Berkeley

2014         Bachelor, First Honour, double major in Fine Arts and Biology

          Chinese University of Hong Kong

2018         Started Graduate study at Central Academy of Fine Arts at Beijing 



2018         Affordable Art Fair – Young Talented Program 2018           HKCEC, Hong Kong

2017         Contemporary Neoclassic – Hong Kong Ink Art                  Daguan Gallery, Taipei

2017         Ink Asia 2017                                                                    HKCEC, Hong Kong

2016         Beijing Youth Art Biennale                                                Today Art Museum, Beijing

2015         Sense                                                                                HKU Art Museum, Hong Kong

2014         Fresh Trend 2014                                                               City Hall, Hong Kong

2014         Fine Art Asia                                                                      HKCEC, Hong Kong

2014         The Art of CUHK 2014 – Graduation Show                           CU Art Museum, Hong Kong



In north part of China, when spring comes and every creature wakes up, flowers bloom before leaves turn green. When I drove pass the flower sea, just a glimpse impressed me a lot. With only blossoms without leaves, it was so lively and glorious. However, the flowers season lasts only a few days to a week. Next time when I visit, the woods have turned emerald with no hints of those flowers.

I past an ancient temple when I went hiking. Hidden in the morning mist and green woods, companied by bird singing and stream murmuring, the temple rested in such peace and quietness. However, soon afterwards we heard in regret that the temple would be demolished soon as property developers aimed to turn it to a resort. 

April, Secluded– the two works keep using the Lego Landscapewith less elements to pursue purity and peace. Fast food containers imply their transience.