Yu Yue


    Born in Beijing


    Graduated with an Honours Degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts    (CAFA)


    Graduated from the Chinese Painting Department, CAFA as a postgraduate


Award and collection

The work titled "Broken Great Wall" received the Excellency Award of Beijing Youth Art Exhibition and was collected Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Branch.

The graduation work titled "Mountains and Valleys Going Afar" received the Graduation Award of the Central Academy of Fine Art, and was collected by Museum of Art, CAFA.

The work titled "Ever Seen the October Autumn" in Shanxi and Gansu Provinces received the Bronze Medal of the 2nd Nationwide Youth Chinese Painting Exhibition, and was collected by the Chinese Artist Association.

The work titled "Clouds Passed and Evergreen Came" received the Excellency Award of the Chinese Painting, China Nationwide Youth Teachers Exhibition.




The work titled ' Broken Great Wall ' selected into the exhibition Beijing Youth Art Exhibition, China National Gallery, Beijing


Participated a group exhibition of four artists at the Museum of Art, CAFA


The graduation work “Mountains and Valleys Going Afar” received the Geaduation Award of CAFA and was collected by Museum of Art, CAFA


"Yu Yue's Solo Show ", Chinese Gallery in Yokohama


Included in the 1st to 18th exhibition titled "ENTANI", an exhibition being held every half-a-year,"0" Gallery in Tokyo, Mukuguro Museum of Art in Tokyo, Sedaya Museum of Art in Tokyo, Art Center Museum at Aichiken County


The series of work titled "Dream of God's Kingdom" exhibited at Gottohora Gallery, Nagoya


The work “Ever Seen the October Autumn in Shanxi and Gansu Provinces”received the Bronze Medal of the 2nd Nationalwide Youth Chinese Painting Exhibition, and was collected by the Chinese Artists’ Association


The work titled "Memory-Street Scene" selected into the 6th National Chinese Meticulous Painting Exhibition


The work titled " Memory-Street Scene" selected into the National University-Student Excellent Work Nomination Exhibition, Silver Prize

2016新墨象‧中國當代水墨名家七人展 (Golden Rock Bay Gallery)