Xu Chang

1977 Born in Yi Chun, Hei Long Jiang province, China

2003 Graduated from Mural Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts

2004-2005 Director of Design, Publication Editorial Department, Today Art Museum

2006-2012 Art & Design Department, Communication University of China, Nanjing

Now living and working in Beijing.


2015 “Inking the landscape-Xu Chang’s Ink Paintings”, Zhuqizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China

2015 “The West Lake Art Salon Exhibition in 2015”, Museum of The Chinese Painting Institute, Hangzhou, China

2014 “Characters for collection, 2014 international contemporary Chinese characters and calligraphy art Biennale”, MUSEO STIBBERT, Florence, Italy

2014 “Rootless, ink wash painting exhibition of 12 artists”, Rao Zongyi Museum, Shen Zhen, China

2014 “Intellectual Viewing”, the 7th anniversary exhibition of “ink wash painting Taste” magazine, Yan Huang Museum, Beijing, China

2013 “Youth of ink wash painting, the 8th edition of Shen Zhen international ink wash painting Biennale”, Guan Shan Yue Museum, Shen Zhen, China

2011 “Painting and Writing characteristics”, Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing, China

2003 The work of “White Object” won Second Prize in the Okamatsu Family Art Fund for Central Academy of Fine Arts and “Innovation Prize” in First edition of “Light of Academy, excellent artworks exhibition of graduates” , Beijing, China


“Art Status”, “Painting from heaven”. “Art Guide”, “2003 “Light of Academy”, Collection of excellent works of CAFA graduates”, “New vision art media, the 3rd edition of Beijing Shang Yuan Artist Studio Exhibition”. “Searching North in Beijing, Documents of Shang Yuan painters”, “Ink wash painting Appreciation”, “Painting Style 2009”, “Philosophy of Calm”, “Shi Fang Art”, “Dun Huang Art”. “Feng Huang Chinese paintings”