Sun Yuntai

Sun Yuntai (1913 – 2005), born in Hwanghsien Province, Shandong, Chain. Sun Yuntai went to Russia in 1931, and entered the Moscow Russian aristocrat painter Luo river Pakistan Knoff's studio to learn to paint. He conducted many teacher-and-student joint exhibitions during the 30's and 50's. He is well-famed, and conducted his solo exhibitions in Moscow and Tokyo. In 1943, with the company of his teacher, they evaded to Heilongjiang. During the 50's and 60's, there were about 20 of his works collected by the Guo Bing Hall in Beijing Diao Yu Tai museum. Meanwhile, with Fu Baoshi, and Guan Shanyue, they attained invites to paint for the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. During that time, Sun Yuntai completed his huge oil painting "Forest". And during the Great Cultural Revolution in 1965, he was criticized, and lived in seclusion. After he returned to China, he conducted his first solo exhibition within decades at Howard Hotel in Taipei in 1992, and received brilliant feedbacks. In 1993 he held a second solo exhibition in Hong Kong, and published the "Sun Yuntai oil painting album"