Owen Wong Kai Wai

Owen Wong Kai Wai, born in 1976, graduated from Hong Kong First Institute of Art and Design. Wong devoted more than 20 years of his life to art education and promotion, and almost a decade on modern ink and wash creations. Wong is a committee member of Hong Kong Modern Ink Painting Society currently. Also, he is appointed as Special Contributing Committee at Chinese Children’s Art and Calligraphy in 2015 and founded "International Association of Young Artists" in 2012. Wong’s works have been exhibited in various art fairs in Hong Kong and mainland China. While he studies with Chen Baozhu, Lam Tian Xing, Chan Shing Kau, Professor Liu Kuo-sung, Professor Pi Daojian and Professor Shi Mo, he developed his own unique contemporary ink art style gradually and devised his very own “Floating Molecules Wrinkle” method in 2017. Wong’s artwork is an example of Eastern philosophy fused with Western application. Such original modern ink style, along with themes of “ocean” and “universe”, his works express his inner perception and a force of energy which pervades space.



2017                 International Art Next Expo 2nd Trendy Art Expo

2017                 Dafen Art Museum’s Annual Feature Exhibition “Standing at Change - Still Life Creation    Exhibition”

2014 - 2015       Chinese Fine Arts Calligraphy Teacher Award

2012                 The 37th Hong Kong Young Learners Competition - Hong Kong Champion


2017 - 2018       Contemporary Innovative Ink Painting Association Annual Exhibition, Hong Kong

2018                 Leevan Art Fair 2018, Shenzhen

2018                 Ink Asia And Fine Art Asia 2018, Hong Kong Convention And Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

2018                 The Panorama of Hong Kong Contemporary Ink Painting 2018, Hong Kong Public Libraries, Hong Kong

2018                 Art Amoy 2018, Xiamen

2005 - 2018      “Art Infinity” Annual Exhibition, Hong Kong

2012 - 2017       4-D Art Club Annual Exhibition, Hong Kong

2012                 Wong Kai Wai “Touch the Mind” Solo Exhibition, Hong Kong