Luo Fu

     Luo Fu is the penname of Mo Luofu, who was born in Hengyang, Hunan Province in 1928. Luo is a world- known poet, the most representative poet in Asia, a Nobel Prize nominee, and the most famous modern poet of Taiwan. He moved to Taiwan in 1949 and graduated with a BA in English from Tamkang University. He has been a full-time writer and translator since. While stationed in southern Taiwan in 1954, he co-founded the Epoch Poetry Society with Zhang Mo and Ya Xian and served as editor of the association’s Epoch Poetry Quarterly for more than a decade. In recent years he has become a calligrapher of note, holding exhibitions in North America and Asia. Luo Fu has been a controversial figure in the many literary debates that have shaped the evolution of modern Chinese poetry. His poetry has been immensely influential in Taiwan and China. 


     Epoch Poetry Quarterly was significant in revolutionizing modern Chinese poems by embracing both Western and Chinese culture, and traditions and modernism. Many of Luo’s poems have been translated into English, French, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish and Yugoslavian, and are include in many poetry anthologies, one of which is Anthology of Ten Major Contemporary Chinese Poets which also rank him the top of the 10 best contemporary poets in China.


     His book of poems, Songs of a Wizard, was chosen as one of the classics of Taiwan Literature in 1999. When his 3000-line long poem Driftwood was published in 2001, it received great critical acclaim in the Chinese literary world. Luo Fu was dubbed the “Wizard of Poetry” for the surrealistic themes and spellbinding imagery in his early poems.