Katy Lau Wai Hing

Lau Wai Hing was born and lives in Hong Kong, she receives her BA (honours) degree in Academy of Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University (2019). Lau’s practice of ink aims to explore nature and push beyond reality. The organic, fluid and ever-changing forms of landscape elements such as winds, waters, clouds and hazes capture her vivid imagination, so that she can, through abstract quality of the brush and ink, express what she receives from nature.

The process of painting, to her, is a meditation, through which she can merge herself into the subtlety of the splashed ink and transport into her mindscape for an effable spiritual wandering.



“Unforsaken Mass” - Joint Exhibition of Art Graduates, Cheer Bell Galler


<On Duration>, AVA Gallery, HKBU


‘The Awakening of a Generation: The May Fourth and New Culture Movement’, Dr Sun Yat-sen Museum