Ada Ho

Ada Ho Lo Sze, also known as Hing Ling, was born in Hong Kong. She has emigrated with her family to Canada in her adolescent time. During her school time in Canada, she began to learn western-style watercolor painting and sketching. After she returned to live in Hong Kong, she had a lot of opportunities to work with the Oriental traditional culture and art, since then she gradually developed a strong interest in this field.


In the earlier years she picked up Chinese ink painting under Lingnan master Yip Kam Fong, and studied Chinese meticulous style flower painting under master He Daogen. Later she went to Yixing in China to study the skill of making Zisha clay teapot, went to Guangzhou to study Lingnan Guqin, and the art of Thangka painting in Tibet respectively to broaden her inner artistic cultivation.


In recent years, she strives to study the essence of Chinese painting under Lingnan master Lam Wu Fui. She is constantly developing her work in her personal individual painting style, with an aim to integrate her artistic talents from different fields into Chinese ink painting.


Titles & Exhibitions:

- Member of Xiang Gang Mei Xie

- Artwork ‘Guardian’ selected as ‘Ink Global Top 500’ in Ink Global 2017

- Participate in ‘Jiangsu and Hong Kong Masters Exhibition 2018’, where artworks are exhibited in Soka Gakkai International of Hong Kong