Qi Jiannan

Courtesy Name: Nan Yuan, Art Name: Taizhou Jushi, Also known as Qi Er, Er Nan, etc.

Born in May 1958 in Yuci, Shanxi Provence, China, graduated from the Engraving Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China.

President of the Songzhuang Calligraphy Institute since 2012.


His vigorous and forceful writing style was admired by the young and middle-aged fans of calligraphy from twenty years ago. In the beginning of the 20th century, Qi Jiannan remained secluded in Taizhouwu Village close the west mountain of Beijing for ten years since he was sick of the fickleness and the “clans” in the field of calligraphy, and spent his time on reading, writing, painting, drinking tea and making a peaceful life, casually had some work published, which received high praise from the professionals. His works were selected in many of the important exhibitions both national and international, now Qi Jiannan works and lives in Songzhuang, Beijing, China.